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Life, the Universe and Gardening explores the reasons why we garden.  When we garden we use all our senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste, and our intuition too.  We find and create new patterns and new colours.  We meet animals varying from insects to singing birds, mice and hedgehogs, as well as foxes and grey squirrels, and we learn to understand and love – or tolerate at the least – them all.  We see mathematical patterns in flower shapes and leaves, we learn that every living thing emerges and has its span of glory.  We meet death as well as life.  We join nature to...
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It’s March, and the weeping cherry at the end of the yard is blooming.  If I step through the weeping boughs when the sun is out, it’s like being dressed in palest pink glass.  Even though the tree is old and odd boughs have died, it still draws people into our...
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2020 Jan to Feb. EGYPT BLOG Egypt keeps calling.  We want to go to Luxor. But, return flights to Luxor are about £750.  So, we got return flights to Hurghada, diving resort on the Red Sea, for about £240.  Because Bob’s walking is poor, I asked for Assistance going through Gatwick, normally the most horrid airport around, with spiteful sadistic Security.  Assistance was bliss – ah the luxury of being treated as a sweet harmless imbecile – Security so gentle, and then a large area with padded chairs where we sat until called, and then carried on a buggy outside which dodged round...
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