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Life, the Universe and Gardening explores the reasons why we garden.  When we garden we use all our senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste, and our intuition too.  We find and create new patterns and new colours.  We meet animals varying from insects to singing birds, mice and hedgehogs, as well as foxes and grey squirrels, and we learn to understand and love – or tolerate at the least – them all.  We see mathematical patterns in flower shapes and leaves, we learn that every living thing emerges and has its span of glory.  We meet death as well as life.  We join nature to find the soul of things.

Published by In the Garden Publishing, and edited and designed by its founder Christine Horner.  Illustrated.  Available in the UK at and in the USA at as a book and on Kindle.

Chalk and Limestone Gardening, a Guide to Success on Alkaline Soils, discusses chalk and limey soils and how to find exactly what kind of soil you have.  Chapter by chapter it looks at trees, shrubs, climbers and other plants which will grow particularly well.  I have grown nearly all the plants mentioned, or seen and discussed the plants with other gardeners on limey soils.  It ends with a lists of plants growing well, those unlikely to succeed, and gardens open to the public on these soils.

Enchanted Castle, my second novel.  About infatuation.

Applehurst Displayed , a novel.  My first, and not that good, and the publisher Tony Harold omitted the page numbers which was particularly irritating!

Beating about the Bush, by Sarah Coles.  I wrote this in the early 1960s, before I was married, about working my way to and around Australia and New Zealand, and coming back on a boat of Messageries Maritime, a French line with some passengers but mainly picking up and carrying copra from Pacific islands across the ocean, through the Panama canal and eventually to Marseilles.
























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