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It rains, every day.  Bob has installed the old wooden butt I used on the farm and in two days it’s overflowing.  There’s no tap –  it’s just a dipping butt.  The rain patters persistently, softly.  It nags.  The greenhouse I sited in a concrete  dip so the neighbours would not be annoyed by the sight of it, sits in a pond.
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Seeds inside

  April 20th. Seeds on the kitchen window sill have germinated far better than in the cold greenhouse. Up have come seedlings of a perennial sunflower in a beautiful soft yellow (in the catalogue anyway) Helianthus maximiliani – chosen for Max aged six, he will be pleased – which apparently has a chocolate scent, plus lobelia (easy I know) and Tagetes minuta, whose roots are supposed to have a secretion deterring or even  killing weeds, including ground elder and the like (some hope! but …). Meanwhile, in the greenhouse, after an entire year, three seedlings of that graceful...
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MARCH   GARDENING Why grow your own vegetables?   In these hard times, growing your own helps ease the family budget.   The mail order seedsman D.T. Brown for an initial outlay of £34.36 grew and harvested summer vegetables on a plot 30 by 9 feet, giving the plants and soil no special treatment.  Results included climbing beans at a market price of £48.22, courgettes costing over £30, and many more, altogether saving over £260.  You can find full results on their website How does the novice choose & grow?  Mr Fothergills ( mark about 35...
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