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Gardening is Good for You – by Paul Denikin

How Gardening Inspires Healthier Living and Benefits Overall Well-being Below is a piece by Paul Denikin ([email protected]) from the USA, on the improvements both mental and physical that gardening affords us. Paul writes: As we navigate the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding a sanctuary that promotes tranquility and wellness becomes increasingly important. Gardening, a seemingly humble hobby, has proven to be a powerful catalyst for healthier living and overall well-being. This practice goes beyond the harvest of homegrown produce; it’s a therapeutic journey that...
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10. GARDENING FOR EVER. Shrubs and Climbers

 CHAPTER NINE Shrubs  The word Shrub comes from the Old English scrybb, related to the Low German shrubben meaning coarse, uneven.  Forget these ungracious connotations.  Shrubs make for a varied border in their own right, and can demarcate spaces, leading to places not initially seen.  All below, except the golden choisya, will grow in sun or shade, by which I mean they are best sited where in summer they get a splash of sun for an hour or more.  Shrubs make for a varied border in their own right.  Some shrubs like weigela, lilac, deutzia and philadelphus are not listed here because their time...
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9. GARDENING FOR EVER. Leaves and Trees

                                                        CHAPTER EIGHT Leaves and Trees Leaves Plant catalogues would have it otherwise, but leaves are often more important than flowers.  They last an entire season, and there’s no need to dead head.  Varied leaves can give an impression of intrigue, creating a lively party you want to join.  This comes from mingling and contrast such as ferny leaves beside solid leaves, feathery leaves and lacy leaves, matt and shining leaves, and various colours.  Some fine performers are (fuller details in...
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8. GARDENING FOR EVER. Practicalities

                                                               PART TWO                                                      CHAPTER SEVEN  Practicalities  Attitude Relax.  Let go, be tolerant, accept the odd holes in a hosta leaf, a few misshapen flowers.  If the hosta is destroyed by slugs, grow another in a tub where they can’t reach it, or grow something else. Don’t use words like plague, infestation, pests, horror, nuisance, don’t treat your garden as a battlefield where the fighting never stops. Don’t be seduced by...
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       CHAPTER SIX                                                 Downsides of Gardening  If you don’t employ a gardener, your garden necessitates continuous toil.  Winter may provide a brief and welcome break, but there’s no such thing as sustainable gardening.  A truly sustainable garden which did its own thing would have little but ground elder, brambles and bindweed.  Even the plantless gravel gardens of Japan require constant raking and the removal of weeds which appear (where from?) with depressing inevitability.  Your designer may...
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