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The Goddess in my Garden – what is her name?



This is the goddess of my garden.  She oversees all, winter and summer, the blue anemones below her in spring, the birds and snails, the falling leaves, the depredations of winter.  In summer you can hardly see her peering out from the dogwood which has grown around her.  She keeps the garden in order.  She gives and she takes.  Her smile is the careful smile of a Victorian lady. 

She watches over the snow, the slush, the winter nights, the stars, the straw yellow lawn of summer.  The dog, the children, the silence, the birds.  She’s my garden spirit.  She’s terracotta, and started life over a hundred years ago in the huge garden of my grandparents-in-law, and somehow, as with the statues of gods in temples and churches, the spirit alights.  They become a living presence.

I don’t know what she’s called.  Have you any idea?

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