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Leaves hang, heavy, tired and sick, longing to die, longing for the hard frost that will release them.   Trees and perennials long to be free of their sodden weight, but the leaves just drag on, like a dying person still clinging to life.

I have two Cotoneaster rothschildianus, and this year they have berried up prolifically – loads of gold berries.  Earlier, I wished I only had red berried cotoneasters – IMG_3795then Rosie Sturgis saw these through the window and marvelled, and I too realised they were beautiful.  Sometimes I need someone else to see things for me.

Tried to plant tulip bulbs, but difficult because so many plants in the way.  Why do I always order too many?  Then bending I felt my back ping.  Stopped, horrified.  Left everything in the rain and crept achily to bed.  Today, it’s better, so I carried on, and promised my back like a put upon servant that I would not do too much and please, would it look after me.  Started on glucosamine, vitamin pills and cod liver oil pills again – like touching wood.

There is Fatsia japonica – fingers shining like green paint, and flowers like exploding stars, even attracting a bee or two when the IMG_3934sun briefly shines.


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